Troy signs contract with vendor to update surveillance cameras


TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — After months of upticking gun violence in Troy, the city is moving forward with its plan to update city surveillance cameras.

Earlier this month, Troy Mayor Patrick Madden signed with vendor Eclipse Network Solutions. Troy City Council President Carmella Montella says as of last night, they are one step closer. “In our Troy City Council 2021 budget meeting, Troy Police Chief Brian Owens updated us that the contract has been signed,” said Mantello.

One hundred twenty cameras will be placed in an expanded area for video usage only. They will not have license plate or facial recognition capability. They will have the ability to operate remotely while the current cameras are being fixed.

Eclipse Network Solutions’ bid includes both servers and storage separate from the city’s current network.

Troy Deputy Director of Public Information John Salka says it’s more important than ever to have use these cameras as a resource to deter crime. “They are one tool in the Troy Police Department’s toolbox when they investigate crimes,” he said.

“It can track down a suspect, whether it be a tattoo or a sneaker. Whatever it is, that tiny clue could capture a suspect,” said Mantello. She says that the project to update the 120 cameras across the city is years in the making.

The wait is almost over. “The vendor is on board and they are working with the Troy Police Department. In the proposed 2021 budget, we plan to fill another video clerk with technology help,” she said.

Salka says he wants to remind Troy residents that it’s not just the city cameras that can help fight crime.

“Neighbors, business owners, and members of the community can register their private security cameras with the Troy Police Department SafeCam program. That allows the police department to know where private security cameras are throughout the city” Salka said.

Mantello says this is step in the right direction. “These surveillance cameras are key to really trying to keep our neighborhoods safer,” said she.

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