Update: phone service to 75 percent of affected customers in Lewis County restored


UPDATE: Telephone services to Frontier customers in Lewis County are fully restored and technicians will continue to address any isolated customer or system issues that may arise from a lightning strike’s disruptive effect.

Any customer needing help should call Frontier at 1-800-921-8101.

Phone service to 75 percent of affected customers including Lewis County General Hospital, The Lewis County building, Beaver River Central School, other large institutions and residences are now restored and being field tested. 

Frontier expectx the Lowville Central Office to be fully back online today, effectively restoring service to the remaining customers and communities.

Frontier technicians have been working non-stop to restore phone service and will continue to be on site this weekend, testing and ensuring systems are operating as they complete restorations.

As a result of effects of Wednesday’s lightning strike, the restorations are progressive as Frontier techs systematically replace equipment and systems are brought back online.

“We expect the Lowville Central Office to be fully back online today and thank our customers and the communities we serve for their patience,” said Julie Murtagh, Frontier’s East Region Senior Vice President of Operations. “Frontier’s facilities are ground-fault protected but a suspected lightning strike disrupted our system in unusual ways. The effects of lightning are unpredictable and beyond control and we may still find isolated outages occur after our full restoral. We ask for customers to let us know if they are still out of service and we will respond promptly.”

The service disruption affected 2700 phone lines.

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