WASHINGTON (WWT) — The United States Postal Service released performance metrics for the 2022 holiday season on Thursday, stating that new processing equipment and personnel investments drove the company’s holiday performance.

The company said 11.7 billion pieces of mail and packages were accepted by USPS between November 26 and December 30, with an average delivery time of 2.5 days.

As part of the company’s 10-year Delivering for America Plan, USPS said 249 new package sorting machines have been installed since March 2021, expanding the company’s daily package processing capacity to 60 million.

Delivering for America is the company’s 10-year transformation plan, overseen by a board of governors, “to modernize the postal network, restore long-term financial sustainability” and “dramatically improve service across all mail and shipping categories.”

USPS said more than 100,000 workers have been transitioned to full-time positions since the beginning of 2021 and the company hired 20,000 additional season employees.

Mail delivery was impacted by winter storms in some markets across the Midwest and East Coast during the holiday season. USPS said the company is continuing to restore service to those areas “as quickly and as safely as possible.”