Watch This Weatherman Totally Nail Taylor Swift Lyrics

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Taylor Swift | Photo Credits: Corbis

Local news broadcasts are always looking for ways to draw in new, younger audiences. And what better way to connect with today’s young people than to give them a Swift-ified forecast?

Meteorologist Mike Thomas of Washington, D.C. gave the “Shake It Off” singer a run for her money earlier this week when he alerted fans to the changing weather patterns in the area where she’d be playing a concert that night.

“This rain keeps cruisin’, can’t stop, won’t stop moving’,” he explained. “I’ll let you know if it’s gonna rain forever, or if this concert will go down in flames.”

Taylor Swift even caught wind (ha!) of the homage, tweeting, “Never change, Mike the weather man. Never change.”

Seriously, he packs a lot of references into just a couple minutes of airtime. Check it out:

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