Watertown Mayor calls on City Council Candidate to retract ‘baseless, false allegations’


Watertown City Hall (WWTI)

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — On Friday, City of Watertown Mayor Jeff Smith called on a Watertown City Council to retract a statement on a local fire station.

In a statement released to the public, Mayor Smith called on Candidate Robert Schorr to retract “baseless, false allegation.”

Watertown Mayor Smith’s full statement read:

Today, City Council candidate Robert Schorr hit an all time low in an effort to get votes. Earlier this afternoon, 7 News called looking for comment on the baseless, false allegations made by Mr. Schorr on “The Hotline,” where he stated “writing is on the wall” that the City plans to close a fire station and claimed there is a plan in the works to lay off 15 firefighters. 

For the record, I can say without reservation that I have never proposed any plan as he describes and I am unaware of any Council Member who is proposing to close a fire station, or lay off 15 firefighters.

Simply put, it is sad that Mr. Schorr would lie and mislead voters in this way. It is possible however, that Mr. Schorr is being used as a spokesperson for someone else—and doesn’t have a true grasp of what he is saying. 

Mr. Schorr claims he is running because he wants increased transparency from government. He should start with himself and show the public proof of the plan he references to close a fire station and lay off 15 firefighters. The problem is, he can’t—and that’s because there is no plan to do either of these things, nor have they been discussed by City Council.

I would call on Mr. Schorr to retract these false statements and be honest with the voters. As he said, during his commentary earlier today “everybody has to work together.” The statements he made are completely contradictory to this way of thinking. Not only that, but they’re also irresponsible and do nothing but further divide the City.

I have always believed that we are one City, with no side better than another. I am committed to working tirelessly for all residents and am saddened that they are being subjected to this false narrative being perpetuated by someone who is clearly desperate for votes. 

City of Watertown Mayor Jeff Smith

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