SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Angenette Fountaine-Lawrence says Ballantyne Gardens used to be a nice apartment complex, but not anymore.

“They got garbage in the hallway, roaches in the hallways, there’s rat feces you could see it,” said Fountaine-Lawrence.

She’s been living here with her husband for a year and she doesn’t feel safe anymore.

“The doors opening. Anybody can come in here, anything can happen. Somebody’s supposed to have an order of protection. They don’t have no protection,” Fountaine-Lawrence said of the entrances to buildinds.

The local management company informed the City of Syracuse, they are no longer responsible for the property. And the tenants said they haven’t heard from the owner.

“We don’t even know who to pay,” Fountaine-Lawrence explained.

She showed us some of the areas of greatest concern.

“The one back there that’s the one where the hallway has got garbage all in the hallway. I mean trash,” she said pointing to one of the buildings.

“We sent our department of public works, they did a big clean up there took about 14,000 pounds of trash off site and got rid of that,” said Jake Dishaw, the Code Enforcement Director.

The city will bill the owner for this. This week the property was declared unfit.

“It’s just disgusting, no one should live like that. We’re not animals, we’re not animals,” said Fountaine-Lawrence.

She and her husband would like to move, but even that is a challenge.

“One, we’re on a fixed income. Two, my husband he is not able to get up and down the stairs,” said Fountaine-Lawrence.