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AncestryDNA is an easy-to-use system that allows you to learn more about your heritage and where your ancestors lived. My family often talks about our ancestors, but there’s some debate about who they truly were. As someone who doesn’t know much about their heritage, I thought this would be a great product to put to the test. 

What is AncestryDNA? 

AncestryDNA + Test

AncestryDNA uses your DNA sample to determine your ancestors’ ethnicity and where they likely lived. The website creates a map that color-codes exactly where your ancestors resided.

Because they’re obtaining new data every year, they continue to update their customers’ ethnicity estimates, so I can check in at a later date for an even more accurate result. Additionally, AncestryDNA kits gave me insights into my inherited traits, such as how my body responds to caffeine and certain foods.

AncestryDNA stores your data in their dashboard, allowing you to easily interpret and understand what they’ve learned from your sample.

How AncestryDNA works

AncestryDNA is easy to use. All I had to do to get started was spit into a tube, put it into a pre-stamped mailing package and send it to them. It was a full 2 months before I got my results, but I didn’t have to do any additional work while I was waiting.

When the test was done, I got an email prompting me to log into my ancestry dashboard. On the dashboard, I explored my DNA story, detailing more about my ancestors’ ethnicity, my DNA matches and a portal to fill out my own family tree. I loved that I was able to see my relatives who have also used AncestryDNA and compare our profiles to one another.

Another thing that I really liked about the AncestryDNA test was the ancestry map it shows you. The map gave me an easy way to visualize where my ancestors lived.

What you need to know before purchasing AncestryDNA 

I found that the AncestryDNA website was easy to navigate and understand. The platform consistently tried to upsell me on its numerous additional features. However, if you’re set on understanding as much as you can about your ancestry and DNA, there’s a wealth of information you can unlock.

The biggest thing to be aware of is the wait time — AncestryDNA certainly isn’t a product that will quickly answer your questions about your lineage. Still, the results seemed to be accurate, as my parents have always said that some of our ancestors were pilgrims and AncestryDNA confirmed this theory. I also learned that I don’t have nearly as many Dutch ancestors as my grandparents thought I did, so there were some unique facts I learned about myself along the way.

Is AncestryDNA worth it?

Overall, I definitely felt that AncestryDNA was worth the money. It was interesting to learn more about my inherited traits and how I likely inherited them. I really like that the data will continue to update and become more accurate over time, and I felt that this kit was a great conversation starter for my relatives and me. Additionally, AncestryDNA’s kits haven’t been impacted by the supply chain issues that many brands are currently facing, making it an easy-to-obtain gift for the holiday season.


23andMe is a popular alternative to AncestryDNA. Although I haven’t tried it myself, many users found 23andMe to be just as accurate and easy to use. 23andMe and AncestryDNA have many of the same features and a similar portal to check your results.

Where to buy AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA kits can be purchased from AncestryDNA’s website on sale for between $59-$149, depending on the features you want. The $59 kit (usually $99) includes the origin and ethnicity features, whereas the $149 kit (usually $199) also includes data on your inherited traits.

AncestryDNA kits can be purchased on Amazon for roughly the same price, although the higher-tier kit is currently 42% off.

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