Worry-free ways to help manage election fatigue feelings


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — While the election is still ongoing for many, the night, or in this case morning, is just beginning. If you’ve been dealing with the stress of it all, don’t worry you’re not alone, and thankfully there are a few ways to manage it moving forward post-election.

For months, and in some cases years, people have been bombarded with political signs, campaign advertisements, and constant social media posts regarding the election.

Within just a few days to a week, they are slowly going to become a thing of the past but the talk is by no means going to stop. Overall election fatigue has already or will eventually soon set in for many.

While it’s all incredibly important information that you should continue to stay updated on, there are a few ways you can cope with the fatigue.

One of the simplest ways to help keep your emotions in check is to simply put down your phone according to one study. Many people utilize social media and gather information through it, but checking in on specific apps such as Twitter or Facebook 24/7 isn’t going to do you any good. No matter the results, it’s going to be a while before those go away.

There are still millions of votes to be counted so it’s important to be patient. In that time, it’s best to find other things to do to keep yourself occupied. By simply taking a walk or doing any activity or hobby you enjoy can help distract you from any anxiety you’re feeling or may be feeling.

If your preferred candidate doesn’t win it’ll surely make for a roller coaster of events, which is just another reason to take some time for your own mental health. The more this election plays out, ask yourself how you’re feeling. Take this quick survey below and let us know.


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