(NEXSTAR) — It may sound like something out of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” but this job opportunity isn’t pure imagination. The Canadian Candy Funhouse company is now hiring a “chief candy officer” — a position that entails trying over 3,500 pieces of candy each month.

The company says it will pay $100,000 Canadian dollars, or $77,786 USD, per year to approve all candy in the inventory and give the “CCO Stamp of Approval.” As part of this role, CCO will help decide which products the company will carry.

Candy Funhouse says the CCO position is work-from-home with the option to work out of Newark, New Jersey for U.S. residents. Those with food allergies, however, won’t be considered.

Requirements are flexible: The job is open to any North American resident ages 5 and older. Parents can also apply on behalf of their kids, Candy Funhouse says.

If you’re interested in crunching candy for cash, you can apply at Candy Funhouse. The deadline to apply is August 31. Candy Funhouse also explains: “Yes, the position does come with an extensive dental plan!”

Taste tester-type positions aren’t new to candy companies. Just last month, Hershey began its search for a part-time “sensory panelist,” the Washington Post reports. The role required six months of training with Hershey’s research and development team, since, as a representative told WaPo, “chocolate and the variety of our snacking products can be quite complex.”