Your Local Election Headquarters: Super Tuesday highlights


Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are both one step closer to their party’s Presidential nominations, racking up big wings on Super Tuesday, though the rest of the field showed no signs of clearing the way for them just yet.

Clinton won sweeping primary victories throughout the south and even in Massachusetts where rival Bernie Sanders was expected to run particularly strong— all signs that the Democratic front-runner was vaulting to a commanding lead in the race.

Trump won primaries from the Deep South to New England and now the two front-runners are focusing on each other.

Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson has not officially withdrawn from the race, but says he does not see a path forward for his campaign.

Carson will not participate in tomorrow’s Republican presidential debate.

The results of Super Tuesday make it even less likely that next month’s New York primary will be in any way pivotal for Republicans.

By April 19, Trump’s momentum and delegate count may render the voting here almost irrelevant.

However, Clinton knows she may need to win big in New York to amass the nearly 2,400 delegates she will need to clinch the Democratic nomination.

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