Join ABC50’s Nick Dephtereos for a full special on the most astonishing tales of the North Country’s strangest and most supernatural encounters. Premiers Tuesday, November 21 at 7:00pm.

At nearly 120 years old, the Flower Memorial Library is one of the North Country’s grandest, most awe-inspiring, and allegedly haunted buildings. Built by Emma Flower Taylor, the daughter of Gov. Roswell Flower, it stands as a testament to Northern New York’s enduring legacy of grace and beauty, but deep within its basement lies a darker, more chilling secret. Since her death in 1934, the library has been home to Emma Flower Taylor’s doll collection, some dating back to the 1700s. According to many – even the library director herself – the dolls seem to have a life of their own… Join ABC50’s Nick Dephtereos for one of the most perplexing and unnerving encounters of the paranormal in Northern NY inside this legendary library.

The Paddock Mansion, built in 1878, was once the home of Edwin and Olive Paddock. From one of Watertown’s oldest families, they made a fortune in banking and real estate in the 19th century, and according to some, they’re still here. Today, the mansion is home to the Jefferson County Historical Society as well as a strange assortment of other curious goings-on. Join ABC50’s Nick Dephtereos for a glimpse into the glittering past of Watertown’s Gilded Age, and unveil the secrets hidden behind the walls of one of the North Country’s stateliest homes.