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Which Loki Funko POP!s are best?

Funko POP! is a line of figures from popular culture based on characters from an assortment of fictional universes. Among the most popular of these are characters from Marvel. Marvel Funko POP! figures usually have bobbleheads, giving them a cute, humorous appearance. 

Loki is usually a villain. But recently, he has been a bit of an antihero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has just had a successful solo series on Disney+, which has heightened his popularity. As a result, Loki Funko POP! figures have surged in popularity. 

One of the best available is the Funko Pop! Loki Free Comic Book Day 2020 Version, which will satisfy any collector.

What to know before you buy a Loki Funko POP!

Starting out with Funko POP!

Due to the staggering variety of Funko POP! toys, it can be hard to choose where to begin a collection. It may be a good idea to start collecting characters from the franchise you are most interested in. If that is Marvel, Loki could be a good character to begin with. 


Any toy in excellent condition has the potential to be a good investment. Take good care of your Funko POP! figure. Removing it from the box will devalue any toy immediately. Keep it in the box and store it carefully at room temperature. Make sure the package is in pristine condition, and return any figures bought online that arrive in damaged packaging. 

Collection space

There are thousands of Funko POP! characters to collect from numerous franchises. If your space is limited, choose your characters wisely. One great way to manage many figures is on custom-built shelves. Standard Funko POP! figures are 4 inches tall, although some rarer ones are bigger. This means many shelves can be built in any bedroom for a large display.


Marvel and “Star Wars” Funko POP! figures have bobbleheads to avoid conflict with another toy company. This gives them a cute, humorous look, but it may not be for everyone. If you don’t like this look, choose characters from other franchises.

What to look for in a quality Loki Funko POP!


The facial details on Funko POP! figures are not like those on regular action figures. They don’t look similar to the real-life stars they represent. Instead, subtle details stand out to make the characters recognizable. These subtle facial features show the characters’ moods and personalities. However, the general theme for each character is cuteness.


Funko POP! prides itself on the individuality of each figure. Every Loki Funko POP! version should be different from the last in mood and personality. There are even variants of Loki from the Disney+ TV show, so collecting various Loki figures is easy.

Movie moments

Funko POP! released a line of characters — highly collectible and premium-priced — that depicted scenes from movies. The Hulk Smashing Loki scene from “The Avengers” movie is a good one featuring Loki.

How much you can expect to spend on a Loki Funko POP!

The prices of Funko POP! figures are based on their popularity and numbers in production and can be as low as $10 or as high as a few hundred dollars. However, quality Loki Funko POP! Toys are available in the $10-$35 range.

Funko POP! FAQ

How can I increase the value of my Loki Funko POP?

A. Keeping the Loki in its undamaged box, carefully stored at room temperature, will ensure the highest valuation. Buying a Loki that is going out of stock or will soon be discontinued will give your figure more value.

If I want to start an extensive collection, how can I keep track of it?

A. You can use the Funko app, which helps collectors sort their figures and make lists of wanted ones. This app is also useful in giving estimates of each figure’s valuation.

What are the best Loki Funko POP!s to buy?

Top Loki Funko POP!

Funko Pop! Marvel Loki – Free Comic Book Day 2020 Version

Funko Pop! Loki Free Comic Book Day 2020 Version

What you need to know: This bobblehead Loki was released to celebrate Free Comic Book Day in 2020 and will appeal to collectors.

What you’ll love: This Loki is actually wielding his brother Thor’s hammer. He has a mischievous look, and the detailing is precise all the way down to his painted fingernails.

What you should consider: As it is a popular collectible item, it is a little pricier than usual.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Loki Funko POP! for the money

Funko Pop! Marvel Loki – Sylvie

Funko Pop! Sylvie

What you need to know: Sylvie is a Loki variant from the Disney+ show and will appeal exclusively to fans of that series.

What you’ll love: Fans will understand the oddity of this variant called Sylvie, and will love to have as many variants of Loki as they can, with Sylvie probably the number one choice. This bobblehead figure is reasonably priced and will look great next to any original Loki.

What you should consider: Marvel fans who have yet to see the Disney+ show may be confused by this iteration.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Funko Pop! Marvel Old Loki

Funko Pop! Old Loki

What you need to know: Another variant from the Disney+ series, this Loki was performed by the English actor Richard E. Grant.

What you’ll love: This Loki wears his classic yellow and green comic-book attire. His expression shows him thinking, and he appears to be waiting for something. The long golden horns on his helmet are again a classic comic-book form.

What you should consider: Fans of Loki from the movies may be confused by his appearance here.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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