Another camp fight for team of fighters


Kyle Williams has done so many things with the Bills. 

He added something new on Sunday: throwing punches. 

Williams was on the bottom of another training camp scuffle. He did not want to discuss the fight when asked afterward. 

Jordan Mills came out of the rumble screaming and had to be calmed down. After practice, he talked individually with Sean McDermott for a few minutes. The Bills head coach was writing down notes. 

“I told him I was sorry about how I exploded. I’ve got to be better than that,” Mills said. “There’s kids and families out here. You gotta act better than that. I just went over there to apologize. He laughed it off. He wants me to set an example. I’m one of the leaders.”

The offensive line and defensive line have been vocal about head to head battles throughout camp. One on one drills often feature trash talk and some overexuberant celebrations. 

Mills thinks that may be due, in part, to the men McDermott wants his players to be. 

“Last year, he gave (this) analogy: you’re in that ring and you’re throwing punches, you’re getting punched, you’re punching back. It’s just a continuous thing, but make sure if you get knocked down, get back up and start punching again,” Mills said. “After a while, you see people, ‘oh, he’s not giving up’ and that’s the type of mentality the team has.” 

There’s no doubt the end of training camp at Fisher can’t arrive soon enough. Mills acknowledged the Bills are probably tired of “looking at the same faces every day.”

Mills says the goal is to try and carry the intensity from fights to the next snap. In every training camp, things are going to happen. 

“After that, we apologize, shake hands and move on.”

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