ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Once again it’s a matchup of mentor versus mentee as Sean McDermott and the Bills face Andy Reid and the Chiefs in Sunday’s AFC Championship game.

McDermott of course comes from the Andy Reid NFL coaching tree when he got his start with the Eagles and now the Bills look to take down the defending Super Bowl Champs.

These two are the opposite, McDermott is defensive minded while Reid is offensive minded and it’s worked for both. And reflecting on what makes Reid so successful, McDermott pointed to the style of play caller he is, specifically after that 4th and 1 call on Sunday.

“That’s what I grew up around in this league when I worked with Andy and for Andy. He’s very a aggressive play caller and I was honestly not surprised by the play call but the execution I think is another thing. Andy’s a very aggressive play caller and an aggressive mindset,” McDermott said.

“I’ve had such an admiration for him, he’s an aggressive, aggressive play caller. He trusts his players, he goes after it man, he goes at them. I think there’s a great example on the last play of the game before the kneel downs and what he does, has a tremendous amount, seems to me he’s got a tremendous amount of confidence in the people that are out there playing for him on the offensive side of the ball that they’re gonna go out there and make a play,” Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll explained.

In the Chiefs divisional round win against the Browns on Sunday, Patrick Mahomes left in the third quarter with a concussion and backup Chad Henne came in.

Kansas City was holding on to a 22-17 lead with 1:14 left in the game with the ball, and on 4th and 1 Reid calls a pass play where Henne completed a five-yard pass to Tyreek Hill to seal the win.

“Each one of us as head coaches go through our own process to try and make the right decision.
Andy’s done that many times over as a head coach making the right decisions, that’s why he is where he is. He’ll be a Hall of Fame coach here very soon so you know I know that he has a good staff around him as well so it’s not the first time that I’ve seen him throw the ball in that situation. I’m sure they practice is quite a bit,” McDermott said.

McDermott also mentioned that he hasn’t talked to Reid this week but he did text him after the Bills beat the Colts last week in the wild card round.

So how has Reid been so successful throughout different points in his career with different teams?

“Number one he’s a great person, I would consider Andy a man of very high character and yet very consistent in terms of his approach off the field and his approach on the field. Just going back to our time in Philadelphia and I’m sure he’s done the same thing in Kansas City, it’s fine to have a goal and a vision but Andy had a plan and I’m sure the same way when he went into Kansas City,” McDermott said.

“He had a plan and that plan has unfolded and they’ve benefited from his blueprint because getting to three AFC Championship games in a row is not easy and it’s a heck of an accomplishment.”

“He’s got a lot of good schemes, he’s been very successful wherever he’s been, Philadelphia to Kansas City to Green Bay back when he was coaching Farve and those guys. It’s pretty cool to watch some of his tape, he does a lot of cool things and I just think the confidence that you have in your players goes a long way for them to be confident,” Daboll said.