Bills Introduce McCoy

LeSean McCoy was taking a nap when he got the news. 

“I woke up and there was a million text messages on my phone,” McCoy said. “Everybody was saying I was getting traded. So, I called my agent to see exactly what was going on, and he said it was true.”

McCoy said he was disappointed in the Eagles didn’t keep him more informed.

Since he arrived in Buffalo, it’s been all smiles. 

“It feels good to be here. It feels good to be appreciated,” McCoy said. “Since I heard about the trade, the Bills organization has been great. I can’t wait to get to work.”

McCoy met the Western New York media for the first time on Tuesday. He took pictures with his new number 25 jersey–this one in red, white and blue. His son, LeSean Jr., got some pictures, too. McCoy said, after collecting his thoughts, the trade from Philly to Buffalo is a blessing. 

“It’s a team that wants me, a team that’s committed to running the ball,” McCoy said. “Look at Rex Ryan, and all the things he’s done, he continues to get to the playoffs and win games with the team he had. Then, you bring in a defense like this. And with Greg (Roman) as offensive coordinator, who has the ability to get the ball in the running back’s hands in open space to make plays. That’s all you want.”

Bridges are being mended and built with McCoy’s new teammates.

He says a twitter war with Bryce Brown, his former and once again backup, has been smoothed over. McCoy mentioned how productive Fred Jackson has been in Buffalo and said he expects Jackson to continue playing his role with the Bills offense. “The good thing about Rex, no matter what team, he always finds a way to get that running attack going. He’s that old fashion of controlling the game by running the ball and playing great defense.”

McCoy spent the last couple days in Buffalo and raved about the food, but not the weather.  “I might need a coat. Okay, maybe two coats.” He’s hoping playoff expectations can keep him warm. 

“You think about all the winning teams. You start with a great defense, because that’s what you really need. And that’s obvious that we have that here,” McCoy said. “You look at last year, they were so close to getting to the playoffs.  With the right coach and Rex… I think we’re close for sure.”

The Bills gave McCoy a new 5-year, 40 million dollar contract which allows McCoy to “come here, play football, and do something that I’ve been doing since I was a little boy.”

There hasn’t been time for a detailed discussion with Ryan and Roman about their plans for him. McCoy is certain he’s going to like it.

“I’m not sure the role they have for me. They wanted me and they got me, so I’m sure in the back of their mind they have a great role and scheme ready for me,” McCoy said. “My play speaks for itself. I can do it all from blocking, running, catching, and they know that. Whatever it is, I’ll do.”

If he ever did, McCoy is no longer losing any sleep about getting traded to Buffalo. 

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