ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – It looked like Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll was going to leave after this season to become a head coach somewhere but now it appears that is not the case.

Daboll was considered a front-runner for the Chargers job and was one of the best head-coaching candidates after how he helped evolved this Bills offense and the role he played in quarterback Josh Allen’s development.

But Daboll would not say whether or not the report that he is staying in Buffalo is true.

“I’m privileged and honored to be here working for this organization. Everything that I have and we have is focused on what we need to do this week which is you know a big game against Kansas City. Humbled, honored to have some opportunities, ultimate goal is to become a head coach one day but that’s not on the agenda right now for me, it’s doing everything I can do to help our team be the best they can be this week and that’s what it’s always been, that’s what it will always be,” Daboll said on Monday.

“Really, really focused on what we need to do this week. Great challenge for us against this team. Very, very good football team and we’re gonna have to do a lot of work to get ready to play this week and have a good week of practice and all eyes are on the Kansas City Chiefs, nothing more.”

This has been how he’s handled any questions on potential head coaching jobs and interviews the last few weeks so it’s nothing new.

“One, I’m confident that it will not be a distraction for our preparation, Brian’s a professional. Two, I have had conversations with Brian, I’ll keep those conversations private. And then three, I think Brian’s very qualified to become a head coach and sometimes things happen where you know a lot of factors get involved in those selections and decisions,” Bills head coach Sean McDermott said on Monday.

“At the end of the day we’re happy to have Brian with us for as long as he’s been with us and hopefully moving forward as well. He’s a valuable member of our staff.”

Daboll also would not comment on the report that he is not interesting in the remaining head coaching jobs available.

“I’m gonna keep it on the Kansas City Chiefs right now just like I have for the last few weeks and that’s where our focus is gonna be is on the team we’re playing,” Daboll said.

“These opportunities don’t come around playing in these AFC Championship games all too often. You gotta put everything you got into it, stay focused, dialed in and that’s certainly what I’m gonna do.”

There’s also the question of if teams should have to wait to interview candidates until after their season is completed instead of conduct interviews while trying to get ready for playoff and potential Super Bowl games.

“That’s been debated over the years I think probably as long as I’ve been in the league and it’ll continue to be debated on what’s the right timing of it all. Certainly understand it from both sides, honestly just in terms of ‘hey it would be right to wait for the existing team’ like us and the remaining teams that are still playing,” McDermott said.

“And then can understand from the interviewing team just in terms of them wanting to solidifying who they have and move forward with their organization. So that’s just kind of my assessment of the situation and what I’ve observed over the year.”

Even if Daboll stays in Buffalo for the 2021 season, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a head coach given what he’s accomplished not only with the Bills but elsewhere around the league. The amount of AFC title games he’s been a part of speaks volumes alone.

“I’ve been fortunate to be in this league for 20 years. This is the ninth AFC Championship I’ve been in. I don’t take them for granted, they’re hard to get to, they’re hard to compete in if you’re not focused on what you need to be focused on I don’t really think you’re a professional then. This is hard to get to, hard for the players, hard for the coaches, hard for the organization, hard for the families of the players and the coaches,” Daboll said.

“You put a lot into this to get to this point. It’s a great honor to be playing in this game, it’s a hard thing to do so every waking minute you’re spending right now is on preparation for this game. You know there’s four teams left playing, four of the best teams in the league and you better put everything you have into it.”