Bills return to scene of Drought ending


It couldn’t be more distant from Buffalo, either by miles or by culture, but it’s also one of Buffalo’s favorite places. 

It’s the locker room in Miami where the Bills, last year, watched the Drought finally come to an end. 

Sunday, the Bills return to those holy grounds. They all say the focus will be on winning the game and taking care of business, but it will be hard to prevent the memories from flooding back. 

“That room was magical,” Pat DiMarco said. “Watching Kyle with his kids get so emotional. Just watching the family that we joined with the whole Bills team, Bills mafia. We felt the love from the entire city.”

“It’s gonna be a surreal moment because, literally, last time we were in that locker room, it was one of the highlights of my career, if not THE highlight of my career,” Eddie Yarbrough said. “Definitely looking forward to going back and seeing my locker and knowing what took place there.”

Yarbrough says he’s wondering if a few “trinkets” he left in his locker will still be there. Everything about what happened after that Dolphins game is special 

“There was a lot of memories made that night, especially on the field, in the locker room,” Jerry Hughes said. “Just the way everything transpired after the game was really fun. An electric moment for our organization, for our fan base.”

The outcome was a big part of what made the night a legend, but the shared experience of all the men in that locker room is just as cherished. 

“The camaraderie,” Jordan Mills said of what he remembers about watching the Bengals finish their comeback win over Baltimore. “Whether we went to the playoffs or not, that season for us was great. To go back to that scenery is going to be nice for us.”

Every NFL player is familiar with going back to an old city or an old stadium where some significant event happened, but this one will be different.

“17 years of difference,” Yarbrough said. “It won’t just be us going back into that locker room. It will be all of Buffalo.”

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