Bills Return To Work Giddy

Rex Ryan on Monday sounded like a kid looking through a toy store window on December 1st.

He expects the Bills to be unwrapping a playoff season starting in September. However they have to be patient for now. They have to do all the right things.

“You’re overly excited, but you have to take the proper steps. You can’t miss a step,” Ryan said. “This phase one is about getting in condition to go into phase two and to be on the field and that’s kind of where we are. You’ve had a lot of time away, But getting back in the weight room, getting the classroom for the first time. There’s many steps that we have to take before we get there.”
“Today, I think everybody’s head is spinning a little bit,” quarterback Matt Cassel said. “As you get going, you just have to embrace the process. You know that it’s a process and, obviously, I’ve been through it a few times before. It’s another step.”

The Bills added a pair of players this year with character issues: Richie Incognito and Percy Harvin. Monday was their first chance to integrate into the Buffalo locker room.

“I just ask people to judge me off what they see, which is what I did in New York,” Harvin said. “Which is why you heard nothing. Me and Rex Ryan we fell in love with each other.”

Incognito was a Bills for three games back in 2009. Kyle Williams is one of the few players who remain from that Buffalo team. He remembers Incognito as a great teammate and doesn’t think the Bills’ locker room will have any trouble accepting Incognito or Harvin. 

“You don’t go in expecting bad things of people. You expect them to be great teammates and to play hard and to care about what’s going on,” Kyle Williams said. “We have a really good locker room. We have a great mix of guys. Guys that are important to one another. Guys that the game is important to them. They’ll get a vibe from the locker room and they’ll see that’s what’s in the in the locker room.”

Ryan is only months removed from being fired by the Jets. He can sympathize with Incognito or Harvin seeking some redemption, but it’s not even on his list of concerns. 

“What’s in the past is in the past. You learn from it,” Ryan said. “Some things that you did wrong, maybe you wish you did differently. I know that’s how I’m looking at it, moving forward. If I focus too much on what’s behind me, or in Richie’s case, or whoever’s case, forget that. We’re looking at what’s in front of us and I know we’re all excited about what’s in front of us.”

Many Bills, especially the new ones, raved about Terry and Kim Pegula. The Bills believe that success is close and their owners are firmly a part of it. 

“We have the coaching staff. We’ve got the owners we need,” Harvin said. “Now it’s up to us to play ball.” 

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