Bills TE Mulligan 2.5 Months Ahead Of Rehab Schedule

Bills tight end Matthew Mulligan can carry a lot of weight.

“He’s a big old meathead guy,” said Bills head coach Rex Ryan. “Strong as an ox. Deadlifts 600-something pounds.”

But it was carrying weights that nearly dropped Mulligan’s NFL career to the floor. In March, Mulligan broke a bone in his right wrist while working out.

“I was powercleaning at 400 pounds,” said Mulligan. “Caught it wrong, slammed off my knee and crushed my wrist.”

Mulligan was a free agent at the time and hoping to latch on with another team. The 30-year old had successful surgery and excelled in his rehab program. That’s when Rex Ryan and the Bills came calling in June with a new deal.

“Rex is a fantastic coach,” said Mulligan. “I’m thankful that I am back with him. I think this system of run mentality first definitely suits my skill set.”

Mulligan said that he entered training camp 2.5 months ahead of schedule.

Determination is nothing new for Mulligan. He grew up in Enfield, ME, located about 30 minutes north of Bangor, but never played high school football. His graduating class only had 38 kids.

Mulligan walked on as a sophomore at D3 Husson College before transferring to the University of Maine as a junior. Mulligan excelled as a tight end at the FCS level, but went undrafted in 2008.

Over the last seven years, Mulligan has spent time with the Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, St. Louis Rams, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, and the Arizona Cardinals.

What has kept Mulligan in the league all this time is his biggest strength, which just so happens to be his strength.

“The most I’ve [deadlifted] is 685 pounds, but on a good day with a lot of caffeine, it’d be 700,” said Mulligan.

“There’s no way there is a stronger tight end in the league than this kid,” said Ryan. “Like I said, I was right on when I said the comment that he’s a meathead. I’ll stand by that comment.”

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