BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Bills fans were eager for a victory against the Kansas City Chiefs. On Sunday, the team gave them exactly that.

“We are going to the Super Bowl, and we are going to win it this year,” said Dawn Bishop, a fan who celebrated the team’s win on Chippewa.

While many of the members of the Bills Mafia traveled to Kansas City to watch the game, thousands came together to watch the game at the third Buffalo Bills Block Party on Chippewa this year.

“It’s just a great attraction for everybody to come down and cheer on together,” said Chris Ring, a partner at Rec Room, who helps organize the event. “It’s awesome, we are really trying to get people down here during the daytime hours, go to all the bars, the restaurants and things like that. So to bring people here on a Sunday afternoon, it’s unbelievable.”

This is the third year five bars on Chippewa have come together to host these Block Parties, and the game against the Chiefs broke new records for the event. Over 1,100 fans bought presale tickets and over 2,000 fans attended the event in total.

“I would say the Buffalo Bills are really bringing the community together, as you can see it. It’s amazing energy,” said Tyler Shaw, a Buffalo Bills fan at the event. “I think this is the place you want to watch, I was thinking when we go to the Super Bowl, would I want to go to Phoenix, or would I want to be here? I think I want to be here for the game.”

Throughout the rollercoaster of a game, Bills fans remained hopeful.

“From what I’m feeling right now, it’s electric out here. It’s the pent-up animosity and aggression,” said Jeffrey Lewis. “We have to bounce back from that infamous playoff loss right now. All hopes lie on this one.”

For fans Allie Pappas and Mary Kate Herne-Crapsi from Angola, they came for the atmosphere of being together with others.

“When you’re not at the stadium, this is the best atmosphere you can be in,” said Pappas.

“For an away game to celebrate with this many Bills fans, this is the best way to do it, especially if you can’t travel to the other stadiums,” added Herne-Crapsi.

Organizers of the Block Party said this might be the last one for the Bills this season, but they might add another one for the Bills vs. Patriots game in December. They will also be hosting a Block Party for the U.S. vs. England World Cup soccer game a few weeks from now.