When asked who the team leader was on the offensive side of the ball, Bills head coach Sean McDermott didn’t hesitate with his answer.

“Josh is the leader,” he said.  “That’s a little bit different for a rookie to be the leader, but the position he plays and the way that he’s played and earned their respect, he’s the leader on the offense.”

The rookie quarterback has shown the ability to make flashy plays with his legs and at times his big arm has provided ‘WOW’ moments. But, the best quarterbacks in the NFL are more than just physically talented — they’re leaders.

“I think knowing yourself and knowing what you’re about is the first step in being a leader,” Allen said.  “Obviously, leading by example and going out there and doing what you need to do. That’s kind of been my motto throughout my life of leading by example, not saying much, putting my head down and doing what I need to do.”

Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams is the epitome of a leader. He’s been the Gold Standard for a decade in Buffalo. The 12-year veteran believes Allen has shown he’s got what it takes to lead the franchise.

“His habits have to be top notch,” the defensive tackle said.  “You can’t have a guy that’s only a Sunday guy that only cares about the game. You have to have a guy that’s committed to preparation, committed to his teammates that shows you day in and day out he’s willing to prepare.  Then, there comes production and performance on Sunday. He’s had a lot of that.”

The role of leader is something that Allen grew into during his first season.

“I would say probably in the last couple of weeks, really, when he came off of the injury and the way that he worked through the injury really, you become the leader by earning the respect of your teammates,” McDermott said.  “He was willing to do that early on; he didn’t try to jump out in front when he hadn’t earned it. Overall, we’ve got a young offense and that’s been well documented, probably because of that but also because of the way Josh has developed. I think if you polled the players, most would say that Josh.”