Getting into routine, rookies prepare for Sunday in the NFL

Inside The Buffalo Huddle

Sunday in Orchard Park head coach Sean McDermott says expect to see the starters play into the second half as they continue to gear up for the regular season.

This week it’s all been about getting into a routine, especially for the rookies who have never been through a typical week in the NFL like quarterback Josh Allen.

One of the reason McDermott announced the rookie as his starter early was to see how he’d handle the week and potential distractions.

“He is seeing what the lifting schedule would be like, the film schedule would be like, his requirements with maybe you guys in terms of the media, so he’s handled it well to this point,” McDermott said.  “We still have a couple days until the game, but its been a good experience just off the field, in terms of getting him into what could be his routine once the season begins.”

“A lot of guys do it differently in the league with how they prepare. At this point I’m trying to learn from A.J. (McCarron), Nate (Peterman), (Brian) Daboll, coach McDermott.  Everybody around me, watch the vets do on off days, on Tuesday, what they do Monday through Friday and Saturday preparing up to gameday on Sunday. I’m trying to take in as much information I get and go from there.”

The Bills and Bengals kickoff at 4 p.m. at New Era Field.

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