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Richie Incognito is looking forward to his first trip back to Miami Sunday, even though it’s the place where his career almost ended in scandal and ruin.

There’s no anger, no animosity and no desire for revenge.

He just wants to see his old friends on the Dolphins.

And try to beat them.

“I don’t think it’s personal,” Incognito said. “I think it’s one of those things wherein professional sports you kind of cross paths with one of your old teams, and you want to give it to them, you want to play well and you want to come away with a win. Especially since I’m so close to some of those guys and have been competing with them for so long.

It’s like a brotherly love. You want to kick your brother’s butt in anything you do.”

Incognito last played in Miami on Halloween two years ago before being suspended and eventually cut in the wake of the Jonathan Martin bullying scandal. 

He admits Sunday’s game is more than just another regular season game. There are “bigger things in play.”

“I’ve been through a lot since I’ve been down there,” Incognito said. “There’s been a lot of time taken for personal growth and maturation process. Just kind of figuring out who am I and what I wanted out of my career and what I wanted out of life.

Definitely made some big improvements, definitely made some strides coming from the situation in Miami. And just really thankful for the opportunity to be playing again.”

Ideally, this week would be the end of Incognito’s journey back to redemption.

However, he knows the bullying scandal will likely never fully go away.

“I would hope we could move past all this,” he said, but he added with an almost wistful smile. “The Monday Night Football guys will probably still bring it up five years from now.”

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