Not Same Old Bills… Or Carpenter

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For 15 years, it’s been ‘same old Bills’ in Buffalo.

The loss to the Chiefs certainly made it appear that 16 was soon on the horizon, but beating Houston offers Bills fans a bit of hope.

Maybe, as Rex Ryan and his players have said all season, this team is different.

“We hear it. We get little bits and pieces of it. Obviously, you guys bring it up every single day,” Richie Incognito said. “So, it helps keep it fresh in our mind, but we’re the 2015 Bills. We’re 6-6 right now. We’re right in the hunt and we gotta win.”

“It’s one of those things you’re kinda tired of hearing about it,” Nigel Bradham said. “Let’s go out here and win. Take care of it on your own. Make your actions show that you don’t even have to talk about it anymore.”

The notion of “Same Old Bills” has always been a bit nonsensical. The 21st century NFL churns rosters so fast, hardly anything remains the same or gets old. 

“No one in this locker room has that mentality at all,” Kraig Urbik said. “Same old Bills? Well… there’s probably four guys on the team that are left from four or five years ago. It’s not the same old Bills, just a different year. It’s a lot that the media and the fans are always saying that after one or two losses, but we don’t pay attention to that kind of stuff.”

Dan Carpenter came to work Tuesday with a haircut for the first time in six years.

He wasn’t hoping to change his kicking luck. Carpenter has wanted to chop it for a while, but his wife liked the long look.

“I finally outvoted her, I guess,” Carpenter said. 

Bills GM Doug Whaley told Buffalo radio station WGR that Carpenter’s track record allows him the benefit of the doubt. 

Carpenter is less forgiving. 

“Track record doesn’t really mean anything. It doesn’t,” Carpenter said. “What I did last week doesn’t mean anything about what I’m gonna do next week or the week after or the week after that.” 

He has no real explanation as to why this year has not gone as well as the previous two. Except the obvious. 

“They’re not going through those yellow things,” he said. “Why would I not be frustrated? I felt like I’ve been kicking the ball really good and it’s not showing up on Sunday. I think that’s why I’m frustrated.”

It is Eagles week for the Bills. A date long since circled on the calendar by a certain Shady Bills ballcarrier.

Incognito said LeSean McCoy was already chirping Tuesday morning.

McCoy will get his chance to chirp to the media on Wednesday. 

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