Just call him Walt Patulski. 

That’s the pseudonym Rex Ryan used Wednesday to get a question in with Julian Edelman during the New England receiver’s conference call with Bills media. 

Ryan identified himself as a reporter from the Buffalo News and asked Edelman “Are you playing quarterback this week?”

Edelman, unlikely aware it was Rex asking the question, answered with “I’m going to do whateve the coaches ask me to do. If they ask me to go out and give them a glass of water to some of them on the sideline, I’m going to do that with a smile on my face if it helps our team win. You can ask coach that one.”

Rex answered, giggling the whole time, “All right, I will, buddy.”

Edelman, perhaps catching on, closed the conversating with, “All right ‘Walt’. You have a good one.”

Rex laughed out loud at that. 

Just another day at One Bills Drive.