McCoy named in lawsuit


LeSean McCoy has been named in a lawsuit filed Friday by his ex-girlfriend in Fulton County Court. 

In the suit, Delicia Cordon claims McCoy was “erractic” and “brutally beat his dog” while they were together after the 2016 NFL season. 

She also says he would “aggressively, physically discipline his young son over minor mistakes”.

When Cordon would question McCoy about “beating” his son, McCoy would yell and scream at Cordon. She says as he approached “court proceedings” with the boy’s mother, McCoy gradually changed his behavior and disciplinary tactics regarding his son.

The lawsuit claims $133,000 worth of jewelry was stolen in the July 10th home invasion and $13,000 worth of furniture was taken June 1st and not returned. In addition, it says McCoy has not given Cordon access to information about insurance he purchased for the jewelry that would allow her to file a claim. 

McCoy’s former Pitt teammate Tamarcus Porter is also named in the lawsuit. Cordon claims Porter was, at times, given free reign of the house she shared with McCoy in Milton, Georgia. 

Cordon says she called police because Porter’s “unfettered access” to the home made her uncomfortable. Police could not do anything about her call because McCoy had given Porter permission to enter the house. She claims Porter changed all the security systems in early June and did not give Cordon any of the access information. 

The suit alleged that because McCoy changed the security systems without allowing Cordon access to them, he left Cordon and her son “defenseless in their own home”. Therefore, McCoy is liable for the assault and home invasion that subsequently took place. 

Cordon seeks reimbursement for the injuries sustained, pain and suffering, expenses of treatment, costs of future care and treatment, lost wages and the ability to labor. She also is seeking punitive damages. 

An attached letter to the lawsuit from Cordon’s lawyer threatened criminal charges against anyone caught on in-house security removing the 13-thousand dollars of furniture from the home on June 1st. 

McCoy’s mother Daphne was among those at the house on June 1st. 

McCoy now has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit.

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