ORCHARD PARK N.Y. (WIVB) — The Buffalo Bills fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-16 in the season opener on Sunday afternoon. After the game, the Steelers addressed the media about what they saw from the Bills throughout the game.

“The Buffalo Bills are obviously a high-powered offense. They’ve got a lot of weapons on that side of the ball, they got a lot of guys that can go, a lot of interchangeable pieces, and speaking from our end, we got guys that can match up and play as well too,” Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Cam Sutton said. “We just had to stand up and fight, you had that up and down battle for 60 minutes.”

“We knew what type of day we were going to have here today, from an environmental standpoint,” Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin said. “It’s just good to come into an environment against an AFC giant if you will, defending AFC East champs and get a win in September.

“It’s a new environment, and it’s a hostile environment. These fans are awesome,” Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said.

“We knew it would be tough sledding. They got a great defense, they got continuity in players and schematics. We’re playing them in their place, we got a bunch of new pieces,” Tomlin said. “We weren’t style-point oriented today, we just had to win this game.”

“We respect Josh Allen, we respect their group, they’re a challenging group, but I’ve got an expectation that our defensive unit is going to be in every football game like that,” Tomlin said.