Bills are keeping Tyrod Taylor

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Tyrod Taylor is staying in Buffalo. 

The Bills announced they have agreed to a re-structured contract to keep their starting quarterback on the team. 

Exact terms of the deal were not immediately known. 

The deadline to decide on Taylor was Saturday, but the team elected to make the call three days early. 

In a conference call with the media, Bills head coach Sean McDermott said the move was the best for the Bills at this time.

“This is a result of a lot of hard work by a lot of people at One Bills Drive,” said McDermott. “Everyone in that building should feel a sense of accomplishment.

“We’ve had some very good, productive, healthy conversations and he’s been first-class the whole way. It shaped up the right way and I feel like this is a good move in the best interests of the organization at this time.”

Tyrod’s teammates were quick to send their congrats. Eric Wood and Richie Incognito were both happy to have their QB back. 

And Aaron Williams posted a picture on Instagram that may give a clue to his status as well. 

Williams wrote on the post “Looks like our suit/cleat game battle continues, bring ya A game this year my friend.”

It’s not only a congrats, but possibly indicates Williams will attempt to play again this season as well. 


The Bills won’t have search through the draft or the free agent scrapheap for a quarterback. They remain stable and functional at the position. Taylor has his limitations, but also strengths that aren’t found in many other guys. 

The terms of the deal will be the key. Taylor was originally scheduled to cash a 27 million dollar check and count about 15 million dollars against the 2017 cap. 

With rumors of Mike Glennon perhaps commanding 14-15 million dollars on the open market, the expectation is that Taylor would receive at least that much. 

A re-structuring almost certainly means more cap room this year, something the Bills desperately need. The 22 million dollars of room to start free agency was among the bottom quarter of teams in the league. 

However, a re-structuring also usually means guaranteed money being pushed down the road. A move that would make it harder to separate from Taylor should his play stagnate or regress. 

The original option was already constructed in a way that locked the Bills to Taylor for at least 2017 and 2018, if not another season. Extending that de facto financial commitment would be a risk for a player who’s ability to play quarterback at a high level has been questionable at best.

Vic Carucci from the Buffalo News reported the new contract will reduce Taylor’s cap number about six million dollars in 2017. It’s thought to be a five year deal that the Bills can exit after two seasons if necessary. 

It’s hard to make a full value judgment without seeing the full values on the contract. However, the Bills have their QB for 2017. It’s something not every team can say. 

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