Bills buying into McDermott’s energy at 1st workout

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The Bills first off season workout look more like a gym class than a football practice. 

No helmets, no pads, players and coaches spent the morning introducing themselves while there was a buzz around the building from their new man in charge.

A hand full of players wore T-shirts on Monday that said “Playoff Caliber” on the back, which is what McDermott says is there daily mentality. 

“That’s really the day-to-day vision for what we’re trying to get done. You’ve got to earn the right. Every team, this time of year or two weeks from now – whenever they start – talk about winning the Super Bowl. We want to do that as well, don’t get me wrong, but what’s the plan between now and then? That’s our vision on a day-to-day basis, and that standard is to be a playoff-caliber football team, and that means every day. That’s what it gets back to in terms of earning the right to win. How we meet, how we talk, how we workout, how we practice when we do practice, how we play – that’s the standard we’re trying to get to every day.

While words and slogans in April don’t mean much, McDermott’s new energy in the building had a big impact on a 12 year veteran in Buffalo.

His vision for our team, for the organization, for me as a player individually, how I could help and really just made me feel comfortable and to be quite honest inspired and kind of breathed a little life into me about it. About what his view was. When guys can do that, somebody like myself who have been around, that has been through this a lot that gets you excited and ready to go,” said Kyle Williams

Teammate Lorenzo Alexander added, “He didn’t say a lot word wise, but said a lot as far as what he demands of us, and what he expects and I think everybody is on the same page as far as were we need to go. Now it is about leadership coming from myself, coaching staff, other guys to continue that.”

There are plenty of new names and faces on this Bills roster and they want it to be known they have anything to do with the current 17 year playoff drought in Buffalo.

“I was 9 year old 17 years ago,” joked Bills defensive back Micah Hyde. 

Kyle Williams is no stranger to answer the playoff drought questions and to changes as the head coaching position but the energy and passion that McDermott has brought to One Bills Drive is something that has already stood out to him.

“The way he presents his message or his view in the that realm. It is not just talking about yeah we want to win, that is what we are going to do, but he is presenting it, he is talking about my role, his talking about our team, he is talking about individual players in passionate way with a lot of energy and ready to go. Hit the ground running and being accountable, discipline, doing the things the right way, the way you want to do them. That speaks to my heart. It is easy for me to get excited.”

The only player missing from Monday’s workout was running back LeSean McCoy. When asked about it, McDermott shrugged it off saying that’s why it’s voluntary. 

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