Seantrel Henderson said the pain was so much last season, his body shook. 

That was how he described the first weeks of playing football with Crohn’s disease, before he knew that’s what was wrong. 

Henderson told the Palm Beach Post he vomited regularly and had multiple operations to repair diseased intestines. 

For three months, food left his body via a tube inserted just above the waist. 

“Rough offseason,” Henderson said, understating masterfully. 

On Monday, Henderson returned to practice for the first time. H passed his physical and was activated from the non-football illness list.

“Didn’t think I would even be getting back this fast, so just being here and practicing today was a blessing from God,” Henderson said.

His teammates seem to agree. 

“A lot of guys go through injuries. A disease is a whole different animal,” Eric Wood said. “There was a long, long period of time when he couldn’t work out, couldn’t do anything. For him to come back and get back in the action… I’m proud of him.”

“I’m really happy that he’s been cleared to participate. That’s a great thing,” head coach Rex Ryan said. “Anytime it’s a medical deal, that’s where you’re just pulling for the individual.”

Henderson spent most of Monday night working with the second team, but he did rotate in with Jordan Mills on the first team. 

“I’ve been out for a while. It’s all about competing right now. You got to compete every year. I’ve done it the past two years. Doing it again right now,” Henderson said. “Whatever the outcome is, that’s what the outcome is. Of course, I would love to start. “

“He’s still got a road to come back,” Wood added. “He’s got to get his technique back, his size and strength, but he’s putting in a lot of work.”

“I feel good that he knows the playbook, so that shouldn’t be an issue for him. It’s just, now, getting back out,” Ryan said. “There’s a lot to it, though. You gotta get the timing. You gotta get a lot of that stuff and sometimes it takes time, but we’ll see.”

Henderson says his health is fine now. His diet is restrictive, but he made the necessary changes six months ago. 

The goal now is to resume the career that started with 16 games on the starting offensive line as a rookie. It was a career he worried would never continue. 

“Early on I had some of those doubts. I didn’t know exactly what the future had set for me,” Henderson said. “I just kept doing everything that the doctor said, eating right and just kept moving forward and getting back ready to be on the field.”

And Monday, he was there. Without pain and without shaking.