Cody Ford’s Former Teammate Reflects on Bills OL’s Skills

NFL Buffalo

The offensive lineman were at the podium Wednesday in Indianapolis. Temple’s Matt Hennessey was asked “who was the best defensive lineman you’ve ever faced?” Without hesitation he said, Ed Oliver. The Bills defensive tackle’s name came up several times, including this story which was shared by his former teammate at the University of Houston.

“When we first came in the U of H, I’m just thinking aw, this is just another guy,” said 2020 NFL prospect Josh Jones. “He’s got to put on his pants the same way we do, but then it was like the second day of pads, and he’s lined up at nose with the second team, running with the 2’s, dude sits there, lifts up our center, tosses him out of the way, hits the running back in the backfield, his helmet pops off and the ball flies in the air. I’m like alright he can go, he’s a good player. Then after that he saw me rising as one of the best offensive lineman so after that we just went at every single day, Oklahoma drills, one on one’s, just to get as many reps as we could against each other.”

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