SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – It is well known by now that soon, the Carrier Dome will go by a different name, but that isn’t the only change the stadium will see in the coming year.

Over the past few years, $118 million have gone into what Vice President Peter Sala calls, the first phase of the renovation, which included a new roof.

The second phase will tackle three key elements in the stadium’s remodeling.

The first is the digital infrastructure, which will aim to upgrade the WIFI and service for fans and spectators while inside the dome.

“When families are trying to get a hold of their child at commencement, there are 5000 people down on that floor,” Sala said, “And we have the same issues at concerts where we’ll have a big amount of people on the floor, a large number of people. 7,000, 6,000. You need to be able to have that service.”

It will also make putting on those big events including sports, much easier.

“Basketball right now, we do some things. We wheel some things in. We don’t want to do that anymore. We want to be able to just go to basketball, make sure the service is what it should be.”

Another key element to the remodeling will be the addition of a 25,000 square-foot facility on the east end of the Dome, filling the space between the Dome and the Barnes Center at The Arch.

“A very large portion of our people, our fan base comes in from that side of the building off the quad, and it’ll allow us to have an area where people come into the building,” he said.

“We’re going to push that building out far enough that it’ll encompass some of those gates in that corner so that you’ll be well into the building before you’re in lines outside.”

The last major piece of the remodel has to do with the actual seats inside the stadium. Sala says they will be installing new seating, all with a uniform color.

“I don’t like those Orange seats scattered all over. It looks messy,” he said.

“So this blue seating throughout the entire bowl will look fantastic. And it also helps us. You won’t see those big aluminum empty sections anymore.”

Despite these big plans for renovations Sala and the University have an “aggressive” deadline for when they want to be finished.

“We’ll be putting a plan out there to start removing seats in April of 23 to be done for the first football game in 23. That’s our goal.”