Prodigal Thomp-son back again with Bills

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Deonte Thompson has a huge picture from one of his catches for the Bills in the Snow Game last year against the Colts. It sits on the wall in the mancave of the house. 

“I had to get some pictures of that to show my kids when I’m older one day. ‘Look what your dad played in’,” Thompson said. 

The former Bills receiver is now a current Bills receiver. Again. Thompson officially joined the Bills for his third stint with the team in practice Monday. 

He says he never wanted to leave, but he and the Bills could not agree on money for a new contract last offseason. 

“I was disappointed,” Thompson said. “But it ended up working out anyway.”

Thompson started the year in Dallas and played eight games for the Cowboys, making 14 catches for 124 yards. Dallas released the receiver before week 10, likely to try and save a compensation draft pick. Players only count against the formula if they are still on the roster for the tenth week. 

Thompson says he had other choices for his next team after the Cowboys, but none could touch Buffalo. 

“Coming back here was a no-brainer for me,” Thompson said. “I was familiar with the guys. I know how coach likes things done. And Buffalo, man… I’m a Buffalo guy. I’m happy to be back.”

Thompson said it felt great to be back and to see all the familiar faces, including the guys he already knows in the wide receiver room: Kelvin Benjamin, Zay Jones and Andre Holmes. 

He also was impressed by his first workout with the imposing cannon hanging off Josh Allen’s right shoulder. 

“I got a couple glances at it today. He’s got a nice ball, a nice strong arm. I’m excited,” Thompson said.

It may have been a circuitous route, but Thompson called it a “blessing” to be back in Buffalo and, maybe more importantly, to be out of Dallas. 

“Everything happens for a reason. Things weren’t working out over there anyway. Some of the things that we said were gonna happen in free agency, wasn’t happening,” Thompson said. “This is a great opportunity for me to come back here and get on the field and make some plays.”

It helps that it’s so easy for Thompson to feel like he’s “fitting in”. 

“They know what to expect from me and I know what to expect from them,” he said. 

Thompson laughed when a reporter asked if he was hoping for another snow game, but he certainly seems ready to embrace what’s coming the rest of the season in Buffalo. 

“I know it’s going to get cold here in a bit. A lot of snow on the ground. I’m excited.”

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