Former Colts quarterback and Stanford star Andrew Luck had a surprise for fans following Week 3's Giants-49ers game. 

Appearing on Amazon's Thursday Night Football postgame show, the four-time Pro Bowler came to set dressed up in full Civil War gear. Yes, Luck assumed the "Capt. Andrew Luck" persona based on that became a hugely popular Twitter account and internet meme during his playing career. 

Luck donned the costume for a postgame quiz show segment related to the annual Cal-Stanford rivalry matchup.

For those unfamiliar with the gag, the account spoofed Luck's beard and short hair, which arguably resembled someone living in the 19th century. A black-and-white image was created with Luck in a Civil War uniform and the character of "Capt. Andrew Luck" would write letters home, often to his mother. 

Screen cap of Andrew Luck from Twitter, Amazon Thursday Night Football telecast.

Luck is clearly enjoying his retirement four years after stepping away from what looked like a Hall of Fame NFL career. He's returned to football to some extent, coaching as an assistant at Palo Alto High School. Luck's appearance on TNF shows that he has a sense of humor, willing to publicly an internet gag that so many people enjoyed.