The Steelers' team plane making an emergency landing in Kansas City early Monday morning was surely a scary situation for everyone on board. Now, we have a first-hand account of how players were feeling during the flight.

Defensive tackle Cam Heyward appeared on Thursday's Good Morning Football and was asked about jokingly blaming teammate Minkah Fitzpatrick's roughing the passer penalty against the Raiders for the unexpected landing.

More seriously, Heyward explained that players were woken up and told there was a "Code Yellow," which means an emergency landing is underway. Fearing a crash, he searched for "the best way to deal with impact on a plane" on Google, which he explained on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football.

While no one made a terrible mess during the scare, Heyward mentioned that several players didn't shower before boarding the team flight. That left the back of the plane smelling not so fresh. No names were given, however, so everyone involved can presumably move on.