Bills Decompress: Time to see 2018 for what it is

The Bills Report
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A smart football person once said you don’t really know anything about the NFL until Halloween. 

It’s a pretty good axiom to live by in the hair trigger, knee jerk world of NFL reactions. 

By that rule, there’s still a week’s worth of games to go before any conclusions can be drawn. But, I’m gonna bend that rule a little.

We know what the Bills defense is. And Sunday against the Colts… wasn’t it.

No turnovers. No sacks. Andrew Luck had enough time to pen one of those Civil War letters home to mom on most throws. 

The Colts 29th ranked run game became the first team to put 200+ rush yards on the Bills, who were also kind enough to allow Marlon Mack the first 100 yard rushing game of his career (17 games). 

Lorenzo Alexander thought the Colts threw some things at the Bills they weren’t ready to stop. That was certainly a part of it. You don’t have to convince Western New York that Frank Reich is a smart guy. 

It also seemed like the Bills were just plain flat. That happens. Every NFL team plays a stinker or two per season. Even Sean McDermott’s Process is not immune. 

Sunday’s embarrassment may yet turn out to be a blessing.

At 2-5, the Bills’ playoff hopes are toast. The Patriots will come to town Monday night and almost certainly hand Buffalo a sixth loss. With the Bears, Jags and a second meeting with TB12 still to come, there’s no reasonable Bills path to the playoffs that doesn’t involve an AFC franchise folding sometime soon. 

It’s time for full rebuild mode. 

Let Josh Allen heal the right way. Bring him back when he’s ready and not before. Whenever that happens, let him get as much experience as he can. There’s no season to save. There’s no reason to stay with a slightly more competent Derek Anderson. 

Embrace the seller’s role at the trade deadline. Give Jerry Jones a call about Kelvin Benjamin. Dangle Lesean McCoy. Don’t immediately say no to anyone who calls about Jerry Hughes. 

There’s no need to break out the “T” word, but losing a few more close games than last year wouldn’t hurt either. It’s easier to land a top ten draft pick when you’re already there. 

It’s time to start making 2018 about 2019.

Just like most Bills fans expected on Easter… let alone Halloween. 

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