The submission period for the 5th Annual Great Grill-Off has ended.

The five finalists will compete in the grilling competition at Garland City Beer Works on July 26 in front of a panel of judges.

Stay tuned for your chance to vote for your favorite griller, beginning August 5!

Enter for your chance to compete in the 5th Annual Great Grill-Off!

Enter your recipe below and you could be one of five finalists to compete in the Great Grill-Off at Garland City Beer Works.

All finalists must be home cooks and available to compete on July 26th.

The winner of The 5th Annual Great Grill-Off will be crowned “Top Griller of NNY” and will receive $500 CASH, a CUSTOM GRILLING SET and will have their winning dish added to the menu at Garland City Beer Works!


The 5th Annual Great Grill-Off is sponsored by: