France’s rigorous ‘bac’ hit by leaks with 12 students held

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PARIS (AP) — A dozen students in France are being questioned by judicial authorities for leaking math questions for the country’s rigorous baccalaureate exam for high school students.

The prosecutor’s office said the students suspected of leaking questions via social media were being held after being detained Tuesday and Wednesday. Seven others have been freed.

Fraud suspicions emerged in the midst of the six-day exams which ended June 24, and Blanquer filed a complaint. Fraud for exams carries the risk of prison and steep fines.

The exams are also being dogged by the refusal of a minority of teachers to mark the tests needed to enter university because of their concerns over government reforms.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer on Wednesday denounced “sabotage” by angry examiners, warning they risked having two weeks’ salary withheld.

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