Manning v. Brady rematch for AFC Title


DENVER — Two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history square off this weekend for the seventeenth chapter in their amazing action-adventure book.

Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos (13-4) will host Tom Brady and the New England Patriots (13-4) on Sunday afternoon in Colorado.

So far, Brady has managed to get the better of Manning. The Patriots quarterback is 11-5 in his career against Manning.

They’re tied up at 2-2 in playoff games.

For Manning, it didn’t look as if the opportunity to play in this game would be possible due to injuries. But he’s back. And he’s back big…

It’s familiar territory for the Patriots. After a 27-20 win against the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, they’re headed to their fifth-straight AFC Championship game. For Tom Brady, this is his 10th opportunity to play for the AFC title.

“It’s pretty special to get back to another AFC championship game,” Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said after the game. “There’s only four teams playing next week and we’re one of them. That game means a lot.”

The Patriots are hoping to win back-to-back NFL Championships. New England managed to do it back in 2003-2004. No one has been able to do it since.

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