The United Way of Northern New York measurably improves the lives of all residents of Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties through leadership, training and funding. 

During this unparalleled moment in history, we are strengthening our commitment to address the immediate and urgent needs of all North Country residents — as well as longer-term challenges that will affect education, income and health outcomes across our community.

Based on needs and priorities, we can surge funding quickly to where it is needed most on a given day.  The populations we serve are those most vulnerable to economic downturns and health crises. The fund will address current community impact concerns including:  

  • Shortage of supplies to meet basic health and safety needs (paper goods, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, diapers, baby formula and healthy foods);
  • Extended closures of school, childcare and after school programs, impacting children’s access to breakfast and lunch programs and parents’ ability to work; and 
  • Immediate economic impact for many workers, particularly in the service, retail and travel industries.

We will thrive as a community by confronting this challenge together and taking care of one another. We hope you will consider a personal or corporate donation to the fund. Wishing you good health, safety and peace.