CENTRAL NEW YORK, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — These days, we’re all struggling with something you don’t see on the surface. Some people turn to food for comfort, but they may lose a sense of control in the process.

That’s where Overeaters Anonymous comes in. A Central New York member shared how it’s given her hope and support. We’re not sharing her name to protect her identity and the nature of the anonymous group. “I could share what I’ve done to deal with certain situations or certain foods, and somebody else might benefit from that,” she said.

The safe space this woman found is called Overeaters Anonymous.

It’s not a weight loss program, but a place of support for those with compulsive eating behaviors. They’re less about the food and more about someone’s relationship with what’s on their plate.

Like many things, the pandemic has made this even harder.

“People are also dealing with depression and having difficulty getting out of the house, food can be an entertainment of sorts,” said the member. Through their struggles, this group can be a haven for its members. There are several different meeting groups people can join, depending on what fits their schedule. They’re mostly virtual and you don’t have to share your name or story if you don’t feel comfortable.

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